Amazing Couple

I went to a customers house today to write an estimate and had a delightful time. They have hail damage on their Impala and found my information on the internet. They were both in their 80’s and have been married for over 60 years. I wouldn’t have known they were in their  80’s had they not told me (I hope to be in as a good of shape when I reach that age). The gentleman had been around auto body when he was younger and was very interested in understanding Paintless Dent Repair, which I enjoyed explaining to him. It’s nice to see someone with that much knowledge in the true old school metal finishing and body repair (which is a dying art) so open to the idea of the newer art of metal finishing, Paintless Dent Repair. What would normally be a 15 minute estimate turned into a 2 hour chat with the most amazing couple I have met in some time. They invited me in and we chat about common interests and issues we all face in today’s world. Taking in the prospective of today’s issues from them was delightful and informative. I will be starting the repairs on their Impala tomorrow and look forward to seeing them again. I came to write an estimate for a customer and left enlightened by my 2 new friends.